Bridge Place Manor

   “I have had so many emails, letters and phone
   calls of support to stay open which
   emotionally moved me. I can assure you
   that the Club will definitely not close.

   I now welcome you to Free Admission before
   8.30pm from this Saturday 25th July onwards.
   The Club will be refurbished next week
   onwards in a most atmospheric way that you
   will love: a New Dance Floor and DJ
   equipment and soon to be accommodation and
   breakfast at reasonable prices for those
   that wish to stay.

   Much more for the best will happen
   and I will tell you very soon.

   All the Very Best for all of You.

   Kindest Regards, Peter”


   Singles and Couples welcome to our 
     over 30's Nightclub on the
          Saturday of every month.
               Phone: 01227 830208
     Please scroll down for more information
       Our next dates are
        Please wear smart dress to avoid refusal of entry or £10 surcharge at managements  discretion     
          Open from 8:00pm until 2am
           FREE admission before 8.30 pm
           £8.00 - till 9.00 pm
           £10.00 - till 10.00 pm
           £12.00 - till 11.00 pm
           £15.00 - after 11.00 pm
  Gents - smart dress please or pay £10.00 surcharge
 Resident DJ Mark Boyd

     25th July 2015

     29th August 2015


     26th September 2015

     31st October 2015


  Dance to our DJ's music from
  the 1960s onwards.

  Meet new friends in this historic




     Contact Information

     Phone: 01227 830208

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